Sales Consultant

Job description

Watch This Teaser to Get a Vibe for the Tribe:

Growth Tribe Is…

Europe’s first growth academy. We empower people and companies to rapidly gain skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’. We are redefining education through continuous curriculum deployment and deliver fast-paced learning experiences. Our courses receive very high ratings, we’re fully bootstrapped, we launch courses the world hasn’t seen yet as we build the future of education.

Your Role 

At Growth Tribe we are going to ramp up our efforts to expand and gain market share.

The Sales Consultant makes sure our validated courses are filled up by following up with warm leads. He or she gets a kick out of selling products at a rapid pace, is able to analyse a business quickly and gets organisations on board so we can wow them with our courses. The Sales Consultant has a positive can-do mentality, and works fast. He or she knows how to close but emphasises problem solving. They understand the customer's needs, concerns and aspirations through well-crafted open questions, active listening and summarising skills. Consultative selling is the way to go. 

A Sales Consultant at Growth Tribe needs excellent sales skills, they ooze confidence but are not arrogant, they plan meticulously and focus on strategy. A deep understanding of our products, company and the industry of our clients is key. To analyse potential business opportunities, you need excellent quantitative and analytical skills. You'll also need to have excellent people, communication and negotiation skills.


Your role will approximately consist of:

50% following up with warm leads

25% Maintaining relationships with clients

25% Finding more business in current clients 

Your Daily Grind

Follow up with leads by phone, live chat or email to educate on what we sell and remove barriers to purchase

Chasing and closing leads

Reach quarterly sales targets

Improving the sales process (this is why we need someone strategic and analytical)

Identifying new business opportunities and ways to reach existing clients

Account Management & maintaining relationships with clients 

Your Bounty

Access to training with the brightest minds in the ecosystem 

Access to The Netherlands’ fastest growing startup network 

An international team with 10 different nationalities and lots of banter 

A license to develop in the fields you want with a €1500 yearly training budget 

A brand new office centrally located at Amsterdam’s Marineterrein 

Great coffee, plenty of snacks and a healthy lunch every day

Competitive salary and bonus structure

Our Culture is What Makes Us Unique

Get Shit Done

No Excuses: We execute faster than anyone else. Be resourceful with speed. Mistakes may hurt us temporarily but being slow will kills us.

Data Levels All Arguments

Come to conversations and meetings with data (qualitative or quantitative). Our decisions will be sharper and our meetings shorter.

Always be Learning, Always be Teaching

 We are lifelong learners. We are a secret society and we make each other stronger within the Tribe. The world changes every week, learn and teach others.

It’s OK to Fail

 We value risk-taking. Mistakes are totally fine when you run experiments. We’re here to experiment.

Minimum Delightful Experiments 

Ship fast and break things... but also watch out for customer delight and the Growth Tribe brand.

Innovate or Die & Always Be Paranoid

 We never let ourselves forget: What got us here won’t get us there. Always optimise and innovate.

We’re a Secret Society

 Don’t share secrets and stories outside the Tribe.

No Aggravation. No Bullshit.

 1% of drama creates 99% of aggravation.

Have Empathy & Help Out

 For customers and for teammates. We’re all human: “Did they eat? Are they sleepy? Is it a bad day?” And No-one is too good god for any task.

And please...

Don’t eat Bananas with Eye Contact! It’s really awkward...

We Help Companies of All Sizes Grow, Fast.

Special Mentions

“Now that I’m writing this blog post, a couple of days after the course, there’s only one way to describe my experience: ‘WOW’. I’ve never attended such an interesting course in my life!“

Ronald Voorn

Ex CMO Heineken & Teacher at University of Twente

"While I had my permanent job in Rome, I did the only "rational" thing. I packed my bags, and moved to Amsterdam to join the Growth Tribe Academy. Everything you thought you knew about marketing is obsolete. Believe me... life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Let the Tribe growth hack your life!

PS: Where am I now? Happily growth hacking for Catawiki, Europe's fastest growing startup!"

Andrea Giordano

Growth Hacker at Catawiki

Data Is Our Fuel!

This is What Drives Us

We Live and Breathe Growth

Just check out our Youtube channel!

We're An International Tribe of Hands-On Practitioners

26 awesome minds from 10 different nations!

A Second Home Specially Designed to Spark Creativity

Our office space is based in the heart of Amsterdam! Bright & open plan with lots of space to let you imagination run wild and ultimately, Get Shit Done!

Ready to Join Us on Our Mission to Shape 

the Future of Education?


Your Smarts

  • You have a natural talent for persuasion
  • Some evidence of high performance in either work, school, sports or other activities
  • Amazing communicator with godly soft skills - people just really like you
  • Experience with consultative selling (our sales process is very educational for clients)
  • Ideally, you have some knowledge of the lean startup and growth hacking    
  • And can be described as:
    • Outgoing, energetic and a true networker
    • Ambitious, positive and a great communicator 
    • Analytical, organised and resourceful
    • A fast learner and hungry for knowledge 
    • Someone who “Gets Sh!t Done”
    • Interested in a data-driven approach

Your Texture

  • 0.5 to 3 years experience in sales
  • Never settle for average
  • Love picking up the phone and closing
  • Your heart skips a beat when you hear ‘startup’, ‘self-organised’ and the ‘tech scene’
  • Very organised, great at following up
  • Understand how to talk to startups, freelancers and corporates
  • Are a Native Dutch speaker with awesome English skills (a must have)
  • You can handle tough questions even when you don't know the answer
  • You learn super super fast
  • You’ve hunted down a Bachelor or Master degree in Business, Economics, Digital Marketing, Communications or something along those lines
  • You looove execution just like we do! Have a positive can-do mentality, and work fast
  • Are available full-time

Interested? Apply now, we'd love to meet you!